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March 03, 2005



I'm going to guess 60 hours or 2 1/2 days.

As a comparison, I just had a run in with Vonage. I am moving later this month and am looking at switching from a landline to VoIP and in Canada Vonage is one of the few companies offering the service. I wnt to their website and called the 1-877 number listed there. Well, it came up with a message about it being disconnected. So, I found the number for their corporate offices and when I called that number it says all of the operators are busy and to leave a messge in a general delivery voicemail box and someone will call back or to call the disconnected 1-877 #. Not very satisfactory.
So, I sent an email to their customer care group and cc'd the director of marketing (the only other email address I could find on their website) expressing my dissatisfaction and telling them I had little confidence in a phone company that can't keep their phone lines operational. Well, within about 10 minutes (almost as fast as the generic response I got from the customer care group) I had an email back from the director of marketing promising that the problems would be looked into and fixed and that the director of technology would contact me to answer the questions I had about the service.
I called the 1-877# back the next day and the problem was fixed. I haven't heard from the director of technology yet but I was told it would take up to two days so I haven't given up hope yet. We'll see if Vonage can beat Audible.


I guess you will never receive a response. Really - I am sorry to say that. But if they haven't responded now, they won't come back.

Hey - I got your book already - that is why I came to your original blog before -, but if you send me a signed one, well, I would be honored!! :) Have a great weekend.

Diego from Metacool

79 hours

Johnnie Moore

I'm surprised it's got to 38 hours with no reply. But perhaps I'm just foolishly optimistic.

My guess: 75 hours.

Bruce DeBoer

John -
I doesn't look good. Perhaps we can find a way to further embarrass them into responding; up the stakes a little. Any thoughts?

If they don't respond by early next week I'd guess the emails are too far down on their Outlook e-mail list.

Does anyone know if they have hired a PR Company or do they keep it in-house?


john winsor

Thanks, everybody for participating. Emily, Diego and Johnnie it looks like the hours are ticking down and Andreas is getting closer to winning. We'll see...

Bruce, I agree with you that we need to get the message out and raise the stakes. To do that, I have been in email contact with Seth and Rob Walker, who are both watching the clock, and was planning on emailing some of my other media contacts.

Anybody else have any ideas?

BTW - I think they do PR in-house but it's worth investigating.


I'll kick in at 98 hours.



So much effort in getting them to respond. Man, that is bad but it would really be interesting to see what would finally trigger them to respond.

I mean, look, you are an author - there is the danger you write about it in your new book.

All those who read your blog are bound to feel negatively influenced by this story - so more negative publicity. I actually played with the idea of subscribing - but what will happen if I get problems, somewhere in Asia? Less known than an author, and outside the geographic space?

Have you been in touch with the CEO? Did you send them the link to your entry? That is my favourite method, but well - it doesn't always work as well.


well if they are anything like 'typepad', an outstanding help ticket has now reached 7 days even with two reminders from me that it still needs answering...let us know how it ends :)




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